2022 Washington County Fair

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Results last updated at: 01/26/2023 4:33 PM
Exhibitor # Exhibitor Name Entry # Description Ribbon Placing Awards County Club
Static / Family & Consumer Sciences / 10460: Home Improvement
75 Greiner, Emma 2238 Refinished cupboard Blue Washington 76 Progressives
311 Longbine, Hattie 2247 Utensil Caddy Purple Washington Franklin Cubs
355 Stoutner, Nora 2272 Sunflower Barn Quilt Blue Washington Green Acres
116 Conrad, Eli 2284 Old window picture frame Blue Washington Limecreek Livewires
248 Nafziger, Anna 2300 Green succulent planted in a grey and white pot. Purple Washington Limecreek Limelights
260 Thomann, Erika 2321 Chair and planter boxes made from a old cattle water tank. Purple Washington Highlanders
267 Sweeting, Adley 2338 Farm garden in wagon Blue Washington Riverside Enterprisers
299 Bombei, Tessa 2350 Old window farm frame Blue Washington Limecreek Livewires
305 Bombei, Taya 2352 Cookie tray Blue Washington Limecreek Livewires
63 Fisher, Zoe 2355 red, white, and blue bandana wreath Purple Washington Limecreek Limelights
306 Puttmann, Grace 2369 Bookshelf with 4 shelves made out of reclaimed barn wood. Purple Washington Limecreek Limelights
361 Lujan, Olivia 2392 Customized wooden dog bone sign Purple Washington Prairie Pride
362 Lujan, Sophia 2393 Customized wooden cutting board Purple Washington Prairie Pride
363 Gordinier, Addison 2394 A sea shell frame Purple Washington Limecreek Limelights
339 Ropp, Bria 2395 macramé plant hanger Purple Washington Green Acres
297 Bombei, Tate 2435 Flag Blue Washington Limecreek Livewires
183 Evans, Ellie 2436 Christmas wreath for home Purple Washington Highlanders
369 Vittetoe, Memphis 2483 Hand knit blanket Blue Washington Franklin Cubs
Static / Family & Consumer Sciences / 10470: Sewing and Needle Arts - Constructed item
14 Blum, Laci 58 Quilt Purple Washington Crooked Creek
20 Campbell, Meredith 114 Machine sewn quiet book from pattern. Blue Washington Green Acres
97 Langr, Bethany 435 Sewn library bag Purple Washington Washington Hustlers
119 Statler, Elijah 560 Pillow using Sewn Quilt Triangles Purple Washington Limecreek Livewires
119 Statler, Elijah 622 Blanket with Sewn Quilt Triangles bordering around a picture Purple Washington Limecreek Livewires
8 Norman, Hayden 696 Buffalo Plaid Pillowcase Purple Washington Limecreek Livewires
143 Marek, Adlei 720 Quilt Purple Washington Washington Go-Getters
9 Norman, Lane 988 Tie Blanket Purple Washington Limecreek Livewires
174 Leichty, Morgan 999 Hand knitted chunky blanket Purple Washington Crooked Creek
142 Beinhart, Adelinn 1193 Garbage bag Purple Washington Dutch Creek Flyers
231 Jones, Isabel 1333 School pride quilt Purple State Fair Selected Washington Washington Go-Getters
250 Kazakov, Millana 1393 animal Purple Washington Kalona Klassics
250 Kazakov, Millana 1394 cat Blue Washington Kalona Klassics
250 Kazakov, Millana 1395 hat Blue Washington Kalona Klassics
249 Vakulich, Joanna 1553 Doll dress for 18 inch doll Purple State Fair Selected Washington Kalona Klassics
327 Glandon, Sydnie 1999 tie blanket Purple Washington Limecreek Limelights
166 Rinner, Maggie 2089 Boxed In quilt Purple Washington Crooked Creek
167 Rinner, Emily 2097 Pink and green quilt Purple State Fair Selected Washington Crooked Creek
46 Lukavsky, Lauren 2163 Key fobs Purple Washington Washington Go-Getters
46 Lukavsky, Lauren 2164 Heating/cooling pads Blue Washington Washington Go-Getters
29 Lowenberg, Brock 2304 Beach blanket quilt Blue Washington Kalona Klassics
30 Lowenberg, Ruby 2313 Pillow case Purple Washington Kalona Klassics
313 Hoyle, Aliza 2327 Pillow Purple Washington Washington Go-Getters
305 Bombei, Taya 2351 Farm theme blanket Purple Washington Limecreek Livewires
228 Beinhart, Landon 2361 Homemade bed for Rabbit Blue Washington Dutch Creek Flyers
66 Goode, Isadora 2417 Spiderman Wallet Purple Washington Kalona Klassics
Static / Family & Consumer Sciences / 10472: Sewing and Needle Arts - Other Ideas / Educational Exhibits
62 Sieren, Charlotte 1719 Embroidered Items Purple State Fair Selected Washington Dutch Creek Flyers
Static / Family & Consumer Sciences / 10480: Other Family and Consumer Science
40 Collier, Jeremy 186 Will paint an acrylic drawing Blue Washington Crooked Creek
115 Conrad, Alex 620 Fleece tie blanket Purple Washington Limecreek Livewires
Static / Family & Consumer Sciences / 10490: Special Exhibition $10 Meal Challenge
247 Nafziger, Morgyn 2296 Chicken Bruschetta Bake Purple State Fair Selected Washington Limecreek Limelights
248 Nafziger, Anna 2301 Tuna Noodle Casserole poster. Purple Washington Limecreek Limelights
Static / Personal Development / 10510: Citizenship and Civic Engagement
295 Huston, Caedyn 1809 Permanent interpretation from last year's historical walking tour of the Washington County Fairgrounds. Caedyn raised over $3,000 in private donations to fund these new signs which will be placed at the Washington County Fairgrounds and unveiled the week of the fair. Purple Outstanding Personal Development Project, State Fair Selected Washington Limecreek Livewires